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Monday, February 3, 2014

PDBloggers: We Roll in Glitter and Tell the Pole Stories

Blogging connects. It heals, inspires, and provokes. And if you're a pole dance blogger, it also gets you swimming in glitter to your favorite song.

About the glitter.

I have always been a writer; there's always a book I'm reading and an inner narration running through my head. So when I discovered pole I started [yet another] blog. There is something very different about dance that activates the mind--I think of this as the glitter. And pole? There is so much glitter: the movement, art, analysis, even the environment that sometimes traps us gets the mind working. It's what has kept me writing for a year and a half now, far outliving any other blogging endeavour I've started. Then too there's the actual glitter.

Dancing in it

A fellow Veener once said, "You may be a pole dancer if your lint screen is full of glitter." What can I say, we go all out! So when Nina, one of our PDBloggers board members, posted about writhing in glitter we were all captivated. In any form--from Pole Art to Sexy to Acro--it's all about exploring different sides of our whole selves, something that can hardly be said of many other dance or athletic forms. Pole dance not only gives us permission to be as artistic, sexy, or badass as we want but also reminds us that it's absolutely necessary. As Lisa the Pole Dancing Professor (a fellow PDBloggers member and Weekend Crush) says, "When's the last time you felt sexy?" Playing in glitter, figuratively and literally, is a must.

Passing on the glitter of pole dance

Blogging about pole and improving in dance is my way of playing in glitter. I always have at least one day with a time slot for pole/flexibility "work." And as sick as I've been in the past year I always kept my inner self alive through writing about pole. I am so proud to be part of the pole community and to belong to the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association (PDBloggers). Very recently I became part of the Executive Committee--I was floored, to say the least. Honestly, if you could come pinch me to make sure I'm not just dreaming I would appreciate it. About a year ago I asked KiKi about joining PDBloggers and now I get to be a part of spreading our pole dance glitter all over the blogiverse! You know what really makes it special for me? Sharing the stories. Fitness pole dance is so unique in that we all have our our own journey that by serendipity includes pole. My goal is to continue to share our pole stories. We have such an amazing community and it is an honor to help it grow and thrive... and to pass on the glitter.

Photo: Close Up Glitter by Marc Johnson, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License


  1. Why am I just seeing this beautiful post!!!!

    1. I am was so excited to post this I back dated it instead of scheduling it! In the end I am glad that happened so I could share my love for PDBloggers sooner :)


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