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Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekend Crush: Marion & Anastasia, Pole Sisters

To understand the pole community you have to understand the love. And there is so much love but my absolute favorite is pole sisterhood. (Awesome pole guys out there: you are loved too!) So when I saw this video I had to watch it about five times to even begin to soak in all the amazing.

My brain shuts down for a moment around 1:38. Side-by-side Extended Allegras. Side-by-ssss... Um, duh, wow.

This video has special meaning for me for so many reasons. It reminds me of the amazing group of ladies (and gents) I have grown to consider friends and pole family on StudioVeena and PDBloggers. There is Marion Crampe who--words cannot describe. She's amazing. Anastasia is my very first pole crush and the reason I started pole. (KiKi this reminds me to pester you into nailing Extended Allegra even more. See her beautiful Allegra here.)

One day I will hopefully never have to meet these ladies and fangirl the hell out. Bah, I can't resist, you know I will meet them and scare them away, haha. And the day I get the Extended Allegra I am going to hunt down my pole friends and do a remake of this. Hey, I love to dream.


  1. I met Marion and took a contortion class with her at pole expo last year and she is adorable and funny! Super sweet and knowledgeable and was great and pushing and motivating you.

    1. I need to start a "bucket list" and put contortion with Marion on it. Everyone always has such sweet comments about her, she must be wonderful!

  2. sure sounds like a fun experience. I think i don't have what it takes to poll it must take a certain amount of confidence which is something in the physical looks department I simply just don't have.

  3. Amanda I can sympathize--it took a few months of participating in a pole dance online forum to brave it because I always felt incredibly uncoordinated and not at all athletic. I still struggle with feeling less than coordinated but you can only get better with practice :) I think you would also be surprised what you can achieve with pole!