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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why I will always defend the "Sexy Side"

I don't own a single pair of clear heels. The stilettos I have are babied and would never come near my treadmill so they would never be part of my pole workouts or dancing either. Yet when I read about certain organizations trying to strip the sexy side away from pole I speak out. Go sanitize anything else you want but pole--there are so many reasons not to.

MPDA 2013
Some of the new rules for sanitizing pole are against
removable accessories.
This prop is "unnecessary"... or is it?
MPDA2013 (c) _dChris
CC Attribution 2.0 License
Expression is my biggest reason. In high school our teachers were deciding how to incorporate To Kill a Mockingbird in our IB curriculum. They discussed blacking out the harsh words--the "n" word and a handful of swear words. We ultimately read the text as intended by the author. It really would not make sense without the tough words in there and the questions they raised. This is what we're doing when we choose to cross out the sexy side of pole. We are taking away an important story element. 

Where does it stop? Do we label our moves in cryptic letters and numbers? Do we limit what costuming, stories, and props pole dancers can use? There comes a point when suddenly you're cutting past the sexy and into the art. If you love the art in pole--the meaningful choreography, the emotion, the expression--that must give you pause. There is a reason we are pole dancers and not gymnasts. Gymnasts do not tell stories and weave dance tapestries out of many disciplines even if they still do produce amazing feats of strength and flexibility.

Pole has always been a community that stands together. Sometimes we might even be a little too close knit. Post to a pole forum about being misunderstood as a "stripper" and you will quickly find an outpouring of support. Those of us with pole friends on social media are never undefended from the callous commentary of supposedly well meaning friends and family. Why should it matter if I love to workout sexy but dance to classical music? I will still stand up for my friends that dance sexy.

Pole Waxers University - Minutes from Atlanta
I dare anyone who would call this anything but a sport or athletic to take a step in these heels.
Pole Waxers University (c) Robin Olson. CC Attribution 2.0 License

It is no easy feat, either. I may never learn to make sultry body waves because it just does not come naturally. Anyone who has something negative to say about my friends who dance in eight-inch heels with chunky platforms should try it. One of the many reasons I do not favor platforms is that I fall off. It takes a tremendous amount of body awareness and balance. If that sounds suspiciously like qualities a ballerina would have it's because it is! The sexy side is one of many valuable, beautiful elements of pole as we love it. As far as I'm concerned it should stay right where it is.


  1. One of our girls competed with some flowy fabric and was also marked down for it. Amazing how everyone else seems to be the expert on what is beautiful or interesting!!! Often props are what make a performance stand out for me!

    1. Absolutely! A prop used right is such a powerful tool for audience visualization. How frustrating that she would get marked down for creativity. Luckily it sounds like she has a great support system through you :D

  2. I couldn't walk in those heels let alone work the pole. I commend you guys on this. It is beautiful as well as being very sporty.

  3. I love that you put the issue of sexiness in pole as part of storytelling and creativity. Censorship is never the best answer.