Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Renewal in Six Words | #PDBloggers July 2014 Blog hop

This month I came out of a two month blogging hibernation... and it was, if any words can describe it, by torture rather than by choice. I always hear people ranting that they have "no time" and those words have often splattered out of my own mouth, but it wasn't until now that I understand the meaning of the phrase. Over these two months I have percolated, roiled, and finally bubbled over with retrospection, introspection, and deep analysis of this little place in the internet.

In short, I miss this, and I miss you all!


1. Pieces

This year so far has been about roving madly about the internet, learning about everything that could make me a better writer, photographer, designer, dancer, and flexibility lover. I found the one thing I could do while breast feeding and juggling my life is to imbibe sumptuous quantities of instructional videos. So while nothing has been posted, I've been refining my eye for composition, color, and everything that involves make this place pop. I'm putting all these pieces together now and trying to worry less about getting it right on the first try.

2. Theft

I am an accomplished time thief. With my posts on Stretching Anywhere (which still needs an apt name), I played with cheating time and getting more done during all the doctor visits being a new mom all over again requires. And lately I am stealing a few more minutes in the bathroom to pluck my eyebrows or trim my overgrown bangs while someone holds the baby. A little me time is essential for sanity.

3. Doubt

This year I have tinkered so much with my pole journey and with my blog that I have been wondering--an I still being true to my original goals in pole dance? I wonder if my blog is over-emphasizing the clichés of pole dancing, if my pole practice is too. Or am I trying too hard to avoid aspects of pole? I have wondered about what I should do with my color scheme; the first positive I ever had in my life is being called an artist so it is key to everything I do. What about font? I watched a course on that and I'm still agonizing over serif versus sans serif and how simple or ornate fonts can go. I have seen Jillian over at Pole Geek make her online home so beautifully hers in a way so different from what I envision here and yet that I covet (ahh, she is such the design queen!) I realized how much I wanted to include tutorials and videos in this blog... and that I have been slacking on both!

4. Friendship

The most important part of my personal growth in pole dance and flexibility has been due to the kindness and support of my pole friends, better yet, my pole family. To everyone taking the time to read this, you are a source of magic for me. There are many bloggers, both polers and nonpolers, that inspire me and make me think, "Hey, I want to do something based on that." The bloggers in this blog hop (linked to at the bottom of this post) are a great example. I love keeping up with my pole friends' progress and the positive reinforcement makes me launch into full on happy dance mode.

5. Moments

This year I have been re-learning how to enjoy those everyday moments; they can be fillers to hurry through of pockets of time with meaning. This spring when I posted about getting King of Dancers pose a comment KiKi made reminded me of how much I want to inspired other dancers, jolting me into realizing that I am actually in a position to share real, concrete advice. The day I tried that pose, the day I took the picture, and the day I shared it were each moments that I took to honor my love for the art we can create with our bodies. The activities were different but the common thread was to elevate the daily grind of working towards a goal; this is what I really want to do.

6. Spark

I keep coming back to finding that spark whether it's feeling sexy during workouts as motivation or admiring to-die-for lines... it's all about adding a spark to life. The whole point of being a pole dancer, whatever one's style, is to enjoy it. Despite our busy schedules, insecurities, and other factors that would otherwise hold us back it is always that special spark in pole dance that keeps us going.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Has Pole Dance Broken Your Heart?

It is nothing short of painful to work so very hard at pole dance--at progress in splits, or towards inverting, or for fluidity--and have that wretched, mean old pole break your heart. Maybe it's your favorite pole star that does you in, killing you softly with their beautiful moves and oh-so-perfect drops. Or you've been dying to gush about your newfound, almost religious devotion to a new move and now one around you gets how earth shattering that is. (Yes, some of that was song lyrics, I'm coming down with heartworm.)

It's all about torture. Take the pole learning curve. As Aerial Amy describes, with lovely and terrible eloquence, the first bits are usually so easy and then you hit that road block of doom. Or... you take almost two months just to be able to climb that glorified shiny stick that all your pole fam skips up so merrily (I had no idea I was that weak, lol). Then before you start making progress, it starts making bruises. Pretty soon all you have to show for your questionable devotion is an array of marks worthy of a martial artist. And this, my dears, is love.

Author of one of my most loved books (Stardust), Neil Garman puts it like this: “Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up." Pole dance is a safe vulnerability where we find ourselves both revealed and protected, protected in our studios and in our home pole rooms. But has pole dance broken your heart, in spite of being protected? I'm willing to bet that any given pole dancer would say yes.

It is really remarkable. Because the oddest fact about pole is that it gives us strength. Just as every pole dancer has been broken by her (or his) love for dance, so too has each pole dancer been transformed, as buttressed by failure as success. We are humbled every day by the fact that even pole star find their grip suddenly waver, and that pole moves can from one day to the next elude our ability. Maybe that is the true, glorious allure that draws us to pole dance, that ephemeral beauty and the joy of living the moment.

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