Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekend Crush: Sadie, Coloradan Belly Dancer

Sadie's been on my Weekend-Crushes-to-be list for too long. She has some kind of voodoo magic that wants you want to watch her forever. You may even be fooled into thinking you can just get up from your belly dance induced trance and start dancing like a pro... okay, maybe that's just me, but is it ever hard! Her belly dance is inspired by her athletic background and it shows. I just want to have half her ability to isolate muscles!

Did you catch all that craziness around 2:00?? The most I've been able to achieve is isolating my upper and lower abs separately, and doing some sort of a belly roll. And these are doable with more defined abs, but I am partial to belly rolls with belly to them. If you are ever down about not having pole star abs, just remember you have belly dancer abs. You're Welcome. :)

Other than the ab, hip, and chest isolations to dream for I love that Sadie is this everyday Coloradan, originally from Wisconsin, who has turned her passion for the sensual, mysterious, and exotic belly dance into a reality. I have always wanted to see someone with a strong belly dance background do a pole and belly dance fusion (C'mon Sadie!). Mayhap we can pester Aerial Gypsy from Femtastic Dance to do one? If you've seen one, please do share in the comments! I suppose it would take a lot of strength to pole in a skirt, or maybe a shorter skirt? And no jingly coins.

I leave you to contemplate Sadie's America's Got Talent submission with her best friend, Kaya. (Ugh, Piers, you dolt. I still hate dislike him for being horrible to Steven.) Dance friends make everything about a million times better:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Crisis of Self

Do you have your "cheese shield" up? Because you know that I'm Pre-Med, but you don't know how seriously I take Grey's Anatomy some days. Today is one of those days. But you're going to love the quotation. Pinky-swear. 

A Crisis of Self #PDBloggers March Blog Hop

I love being part of #PDBloggers so I absolutely agonized over this post. Part of it is my perfectionist tendencies kicking up but the other part is that I have been doing some HUGE behind the scenes percolating boiling over. My hands may be busy with four-months of baby boy but my brain is free to churn with everything from having a logo designed to photography to guest posting ideas... I've got plans, peeps! I've been watching Sheena Lashay's YouTube and Alex Beadon's while breastfeeding, worrying over the wonderful concept of branding, a sort of story telling in itself. It's a nightmare--deciding who I am and what I want and what I think you the readers might want. And if you've kept up with Grey's Anatomy you'll know the last episode was about just that, a crisis of self.

Do you know who you are? Do you know what's happened to you? Do you want to live this way? --Cristina Yang

What I wanted to share with you is a story I am terrified of telling, but I kept wondering... Do I know who I am?  In writing it is so important to define, even ambiguously, who the narrator is. Who tells it changes everything. What if Voldemort narrated Harry Potter? Or if instead of a limited third person narrator it was an omniscient narrator laying it out? The fact is that I know what I want--pretty much everything. I want splits, martial arts awesomeness, Extended Allegra pole dance perfection, a medical career and a writing one, my little family... and I never stop adding more to my dream list.

But I'm not... something.

Part of the writing and branding of this blog is to find focus. The first time I watched a pole dancing video I knew what I wanted from pole, if not how to define it. It's an amorphous form I hope to shape into something I can explain in equal parts design, photography, and writing by the end of this summer. I had to admit to myself that this blog is not near what I want to share with the world, both pole and non-pole, because I'm not. I've neglected parts of who I am. Do I know what's happened to me? Not until I can get closer to my goals, not until I can look back with perspective.

I'm terrified.

I tremble at the thought of what I'll see if I look back too soon; I can't be Eurydice. If I look back now, the memories I keep in neat boxes will undo their ties, memories that need to stay shackled so I can focus. That story is burning me alive, but it's also my fire. I have something to prove, people to prove wrong; I have to prove myself. Proof. I need volunteerships completed and milestones smashed. I need to hold diplomas in my hand to keep that dark at bay. Do I want to live this way? I can't live this way, at this point in my life I have to keep moving. And Flexines is my movement.

So you will see new colors, but what you won't see is the endless flurry. Or maybe you will, avid readers are perceptive that way. There will be tutorials and reviews and forward motion. We're going on a journey, buckle your cheese seat belts. Do you know who you are? If anyone, you'd think Cristina would know who she is--she's Cristina! It goes to show how ambiguous our identities are and how important an internal dialogue is. My favorite English instructor likes to say, "Writing is thinking," and she is so right, but I think dancing is also thinking. It is thought that extends into our limbs and forms the ineffable. Between dancing and writing I'll get that story told yet!

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