Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Using a Yoga Strap to Improve King of Dancer's Pose

[Oh haha, the freeze frame struggle is too real!]

Working on King of Dancer's Pose from the floor

One of my favorite tips for working on King of Dancer's Pose was from my friend CapFeb--she told me to work on this from the floor. It keeps you from having to deal with balance at the same time that you're simultaneously perfecting that tricky hand grip and working your stretch.

Solution: work on pigeon to King Pigeon

The secret to good form when you're not flexible

Saturday, December 26, 2015

How to Perfectly Combine Coffee & Yoga | R'stoyours Review

How to perfectly combine your coffee & yoga routines with reusable k-cups

Some days are must-have-coffee days.

In the true yogi spirit, though, it's hard to stomach the massive amount of trash, clutter (k-cup stash!), and environmental impact of k-cups. Finally having a Keurig to simplify life = not so simple. Well... having a k-cup machine at the school parent group anyways; I'm donating these to the school after writing this.

Being a systems person I am pretty excited to share my solution to yoga happiness + coffee bliss.